Sentence Examples

  • The intervening years had been spent by the Lombards, not irs consolidating their union, but in attempting to secure special privileges for their several cities.
  • "In spite of looking like they just saw the IRS at their front door," Dean commented.
  • Iridium sulphide, IrS, is obtained when the metal is ignited in sulphur vapour.
  • (12) Along the stream line xABPJ, 4) =o; and along the jet surface PJ, -1 >49> - oo; and putting 4 = -irs/c - I, the intrinsic quation is irs/c =cot 2 nO, (13) hich for n =I is the evolute of a catenary.
  • Janssens Geschichte des deutschen Vol/irs seit dem Ausgang des Mittelalters (1897-1903).

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